Monastery Dionisiou

Founded: Middle of 14th century
Founder: Monk DionysiosFeast-day: 24th of June
Library: 804 manuscripts
Collection: The five icons of the Great Prayer (1542 A.D.)

 The cloister is consecrated to the birth of the saint Johannes Baptist. It was founded 1366 and accommodates the "golden bull" from emperor Alexios III who contains the cloister endowment of 1374. Nevertheless, this is to be mistaken by no means for that "golden bull" from emperor Konstantinos Monomachos, who contains since 1060 the rights of the monk's republic. However, the library can also show farther about 1.000 hands and more than 5.000 block letters. Frescoes in the cretic style from 1546 and 1547 are noteworthy also. These are in the minster and in the refectory. Among them also world-famous motives like that of the Apocalypse. In this cloister apparently rather god-fearing monks live, because some of the floors rise adventurously above the outside walls of the building directly after the sea contained at 80-meter depth. To the fact comes that several these parts of the building are carried only by spread beams from wood.