Private Daily Cruises with ALBATROS

Private Daily Cruises with ALBATROS

Feel the magic of private yachting...  - Luxury... comfort... privacy... - For unforgettable moments...


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Ouranoupolis Chalkidiki - ZipCode: 63075 Greece


Our Cruises

.) Sightseeing cruise to Mount Athos (Live the unique experience of a private charter in the heart of the Orthodox monastic life ideal for families and groups of people up to 10. Avoid the crowd- Keep calm and take it private!) 

.) An authentic Greek fishing experience ( Experience the thrill-of-the-catch on our exhilarating luxury boat. We will charter you in to some of the region’s best fishing spots and our captain will provide you with further guidance.)

.) Special Events on board  (Organise the most refined event where everyone is free to escape from his everyday life, lose himself in pure nature’s sparkle, with the delicate waves and the crystal sound of the champagne glasses being the only soundtrack.

.) Swimming & Snorkeling Adventures (Feel the breeze in your hair and soak up the warm sun as you enjoy a breathtaking private cruise in the turquoise waters of Halkidiki. Let the sea set you free.

Why choose us?

Our crew cannot wait to 'sea' you! Our experienced crew is what makes Albatros experience so special! Just sit back and relax and let our crew members take care of your well-being.

Choose from destinations including Mount Athos, Ammouliani island, Drenia islet, Blue Lagoon & Vourvourou's islet. Our private yacht services offer everything to make your journey a complete and immersive experience.

When it comes to professionalism, prestige and passion for everything we do, Albatros operates on an entirely different level at affordable prices.